Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ways I've Lost Friends

They moved to Utah. 
He moved to South Carolina.
He went to a different school. 
She got older
and so did I. 
I didn't go to that party with him.
I didn't go to that party either.
I was nervous.
He never told me about the next one.
We stopped calling.
We didn't know what to say. 
One day it occurred to me:
he was too smart and
he was too dumb and
he was too cool and
he wasn't cool enough. 
I broke into his locker and read his love letter to Stella. 
He stole fifty bucks from my mother's purse and lied.
So far none of them have died. 
She didn't like me that way.
I didn't like her that way.
It got awkward. 
I got married and she was single.
They said our friendship wasn't appropriate.
I was ashamed. 
We found out we were different.

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