Sunday, June 21, 2015

On Being Given a New Notebook for my Birthday

What good is a new notebook
if I have nothing good to write?
I try putting forth profundities
but I end up sounding trite.

And what good is my voice
if I have nothing good to say?
It may be better to work
in silence, all throughout the day.

Could it be that this empty book
is just how the Bible started?
Well, I'm neither Moses nor Solomon,
but at least I am good-hearted.

The Best Naps

The best naps happen in the thick of turmoil,
when water reaches a rapid boil,
when livestock crashes through the gate,
or an angry woman smashes a plate.

Oh, I'm getting sleepy just thinking about it:
I go alone to my room and relax for a bit.
They all panic, chaos abounds, violence ensues,
yet I lie tranquil, in the midst of a snooze.

It's delightful.  They can fight and they can weep,
but my bedroom is locked, and I am asleep.
And no matter how long they pound on the door,
I'll stay in my bed just a few minutes more.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

We Go To Our Car

And drive to a place
that is full of toys.
There's so much space
and birds that make a happy noise

and puzzles and games and trees
and if you want a treat
there are crackers and cheese
for free, for anyone to eat.

And there's one special spot
on the top of a hill.
If you climb climb climb a lot,
be quiet, and stand really still,

that's when you can see
every part of the sky.
Some people don't believe this place is real.
I don't understand why.