Friday, February 28, 2014

Back When I Was First Learning How To Drive A Truck

they put me with this guy that 
was teaching me that was so fat
we would go to Filberto’s 
and he would order five burritos 
just for himself but I didn’t get nothing
because there was always something
that was stinking, like cows, pigs, manure,
and a million flies, ‘cause we would deliver 
the food for the animals there 
at the pig farms and cow farms so there
was like, I’m not kidding, a million flies,
big ones too, like this big of a size, 
and that fat guy that was teaching me
he would stick up his knee
on the steering wheel so he could
eat his burrito and then the flies would 
land on it, they wanted to eat the burrito too,
and man, that fat guy wouldn’t even shoo
the flies away, man, he just ate the flies!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Wish Before Going to Sleep

Tonight I lay in bed, looking at the ceiling, 
and I don’t know why, but I've got a restless feeling.
And in the otherwise darkened room I look at the small green light
shining from a smoke detector, telling me it’s alright, 
I don’t have to replace the battery, at least not now,
and that green light really bugs me, but I don’t know how
to stop it. It’s always there, glaring, but I don’t dare
block the light with tape. That’s dangerous.
I don’t want to do anything dangerous.
Why would I want to do anything dangerous?

Green light, green light,
only thing I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
have this wish I wish tonight:

I wish that in the morning,
I’ll have the same brain,
but somehow I’ll be in Spain,
well, actually I'll be in an ocean near Spain,
or Australia or Madagascar or Angola
or somewhere, I don’t care where,
as long as it’s underwater, warm, and dark.
And instead of arms,
I’ll have tentacles,
because I’ll be a squid.

Because if I was a squid,
nobody would care what I did.
I could float around all day long
and sing to myself a little squid song,
“Ah, 'tis bonny to live in the ocean,
and 'tis bonny to be a big squid
'tis bonny to move in squid motion
Of joy I shall never be rid!"

And if the mood struck me,
I’d do squid yoga,
and if the mood struck me,
I’d poke plankton,
and if the mood struck me,
I’d sneak up on the beach,
hold my breath, and reach
a tentacle around the neck
of a sleeping sunbather,
feel the afternoon breeze,
and squeeze.

To Those Who Bury Their Talents

There is a song inside you.
Sing it,
or else you're nothing more 
than a nightingale without a throat,
an oyster sealed shut,
just another pig
withholding its bacon.

Monday, February 3, 2014


get on the freeway
head north
it’s probably a hundred miles
from where you live
exit on Peach
keep going ‘til
the road turns to dirt
pass the old saw mill
the road kinda curves
goes over a steep hill
then you’ll see the
little brown house
and maybe a few dogs
you can park
in the back
or wherever
no one lives there now
but the road should
still be good
and then
you can get the fruit