Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Scandal-Ridden Obama Administration... alas

Dear Readers,

Fast and Furious.  The Benghazi attacks.  The Benghazi cover-up.  IRS targeting conservative groups.  Seizure of Associated Press journalists' phone records.

These are just some of the recent examples of corruption in Obama's administration.  They're terrible.  Nixon resigned over Watergate.  Watergate was terrible, but nobody died.  Under Obama's administration, Border Patrol agent Bryan Terry is dead, and U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens is dead.  Obama is not directly responsible for these two deaths, but people in his administration are.

This is an outrage.  The media should be covering it more, but they are too loyal to Obama.  They don't want to make him look bad, because they are liberal and he is liberal, and most liberals care more about loyalty than truth and morality.

And the really depressing part about all these scandals is I get the sense that people don't really care.  Or, not enough people care.  If the Presidential election were held again today, Obama would probably win again.  And you know why?  Because he's cool.  And Mitt Romney just wasn't cool.  That's about all there is to it.

It's cooler to be young than it is to be old. 

It's cooler to be black than it is to be white. 

It's cooler to have used pot and cocaine than it is to have abstained from all harmful drugs.

It's cooler to have been raised by a single mother in Indonesia than it is to be raised by a Mom and Dad in Michigan.

It's cooler to have two Peace-sign T-shirt-wearing-daughters who have their father's clearance to get abortions than it is to have three Eagle Scout sons.

It's cooler to be a politician than it is to be a buissnessman.

It's cooler to be a community organizer than it is to be a Mormon missionary.

Alas.  Obama is cooler than Romney.  And Democrats are cooler than Republicans.

The Democratic Party has successfully convinced the majority of voters that the Democratic party is the party of compassion. Democrats have successfully presented themselves as the voice of the common people, the voice of the underpriveleged, the voice of women, gays, and ethnic minorities.   And the Republicans are seen as a bunch of greedy rich white out-of-touch old men.  I don't know what to do to change that narrative.

Well, the education needs to start at home.  I'm doing my best to ensure that my two daughters turn out to be politically conservative.  But I've got to fight against the pervasive influence of the media and the school system.

Generally I feel pretty pessimistic about the political direction of the country.  I think Hillary Clinton has a great shot at the White House in 2016.  Never mind her abject failure in the Benghazi attacks and cover-up.  Never mind that she's lied to, or at least misled, the American people.  People don't care.  She's a woman, she's a Clinton, and she's cool. 



Goodbye to The Office

Dear Readers,

Last night I watched the series finale of The Office.  I have now watched every single episode.  It was funny.  All of the shows were funny and I liked it.  It's a pretty popular show, so I guess a lot of people agree with me. 

There were some subliminal liberal messages in there.  In fact, some of the messages weren't merely subliminal, they were liminal.  That is to say, the messages were in your face. 

Here are three liberal lessons I picked up on from The Office:

1. Being gay is A-okay!   Oscar was often portrayed as one of the most level-headed, clear thinking people in the Office, and yet he was staunchly homosexual.

2. Fornication is like a big vacation!  Let's see... Michael Scott and Holly Flax, Dwight and Angela, Jim and Pam, Ryan and Kelly... every single one of these couples fornicated.  And all the viewers are just supposed sit there and watch it, with approving eyes!  For shame!

3. Christians are hyper-judgmental hypocrites.  Angela was the only outspoken Christian on the show, and for the most part she was a jerk.  She was dating Dwight and Andy at the same time!  And she did a lot of other slimy stuff.

But actually, there were two times I remember when Christianity was put in a very good light.  The first one was the time, just a few episodes ago in fact, where Jim and Pam fell back in love.  In the last scene, there is a flashback to their wedding day, where they got married in a Church, which looked like an Episcopalian Church or one of those liberal lukewarm denominations, but the minister quoted some scripture, from 1 Corinthians chapter 13, verse 13 "And now these three things remain, faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is love."  What a wonderful, uplifting ending to an episode that was.  Jim and Pam, a Christian monogamous couple, get inspired by Scripture to honor their marital vows, and to fall back in love.  How heart-warming. I love Jim and Pam.  And I'm so glad that they love each other, and that they have two wonderful daughters.

The second time Christianity is put in a good light is when... um... I don't remember the episode exactly, maybe it was when Jim and Pam take their baby daughter Cici to get christened at their church, and somehow a lot of the people from the Office get on board a bus bound for Mexico with a bunch of youthful missionaries.  The young Christians are going to build a school for disadvantaged children or something like that.  Good job, Office writers, for portraying Christianity so positively.  Though, overall, I think the show guides viewers down the dark path of political liberalism and secular humanism.

But you know what?  I also learned some positive lessons:

Appreciate the little things.

Learn how to dance and have a good time.

Pulling pranks is funny.

The Office is funny and I like it.

Michael Scott is sooooooo funny!

It's nice to have a show to watch with your wife and laugh and laugh and laugh.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pro-life video, and a few thoughts about abortion

Dear Readers,

I've always been pro-life, but now that I'm a father of two beautiful girls, I'm even more pro-life.  Children are wonderful and beautiful and they make my life more meaningful.  I understand the argument from those with pro-choice views that sometimes women get pregnant in bad circumstances, but please, please, if anybody out there reading this is considering an abortion, please consider adoption.  There are thousands of wonderful couples who would love to raise a child but aren't able to have their own baby biologically.

And to anybody who has already had an abortion and is feeling guilty about it, Christ offers forgiveness and healing.  Though your sins be as scarlet, yet they shall be as white as snow.  And to anybody who has had an abortion or has performed an abortion and doesn't feel bad about it at all, I say, you should feel bad about it.  Abortion stops a beating heart.

I went on You-Tube and searched for "pro-life" and found this well-done video called "Aaron".  It's not too in your face and there are not any gory graphics or anything.  But it's very convincing.  Enjoy.