Wednesday, October 31, 2012


October is when fall starts falling
further and further into winter.
The weather's nice, here in Arizona,
in October, in this October. I hear this every year,
and every year it gets sweeter to hear
from a neighbor, from a co-worker,
from a wife, from a child, from the guy
waiting at the bus stop, from the smiling lady
in the apron, moving closer and closer to you.
After she says the weather's nice
and after you say the weather's nice
she asks if you want french fries or
potato wedges, and what kind of dressing
for the salad?  Italian, blue cheese, or ranch?
Those are the options.

There's nothing like the agreement,
the simplicity, the shared experience
that October brings.

There's nothing like
giving voice to the way we feel
about something so primal:
"It's beautiful out here."

There's nothing like
The acknowledgement of the air
that surrounds us, and the wind
that presses against our bodies
as we talk, seated on the patio,
at the end of another day.

We're not in this thing alone.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

I think I'll stick with Christianity

First thing this morning it was cold
so I went back inside
and now it's around ten 
and I'm out again.  It's warming up.
I'm barefoot, and there's really
nothing I have to do right now.

Winter is coming,
but so is another summer.

A bird lands on a branch,
weighing it down,
moves the branch and its leaves 
down and back up, down and back up. 
The dark bird with white eyes
looks forward, looks this way, looks that way,
leaps, spreads his wings, glides off 
into flight, into sunlight.  
Athletic.  Majestic.  
This happens every day.

He must have a reason to arrive
and he must have a reason to depart.  
It's bird business I know nothing about.
I am a witness to the bird's activity,
his beautiful, animal activity, 
but I will never be a judge.

I have sympathy for the heathens who 
worshiped the sun.  They never knew Jesus.
They never felt the salvation that springs from
joining his flock, of being found
by the Good Shepherd,
cast upon his broad, strong shoulders,
finding pasture, finding rest.

And yet I imagine the ancient illiterate ones,
the ones without Bibles, felt spiritual strength
flowing into them, flowing from the sun,
and I imagine they absorbed a feeling of transcendence,
however erroneous and however doctrinally impure,
whenever they opened themselves to the beams
that streamed day by glorious day 
from the orb floating in the sky, 
the orb, that, like the great I AM,
cannot be looked upon directly.

They worshiped the sun, 
the same sun that now upon us shines.
Can you believe that?

It wasn't a bad idea.
The sun is always there, 
though hidden at times by the earth 
and hidden at times by the clouds,
but it's always there,
whether you give it cursings 
or whether you give it praise.
It feels better to give it praise.

But the heathens got carried away.
If they had settled with the soft-spoken decency
and the cyclical, sacred nature of life 
that seems to come from the sun,
if they had quietly felt the serenity
that emanates from a sunlit afternoon,
maybe things would have worked out,
maybe they would have been happier.

Instead they whipped each other until
they finally finished the Pyramids
and they started stabbing people in the heart
and the blood flowed down grooves 
carved into an altar, collected in clay pots
and the pagans took turns drinking it, 
chanting some mumbo-jumbo
about a blood-thirsty sun
that would cause the rain to fall once again
all because they killed another guy
and drank his blood. 

I think I'll stick with Christianity.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mitt Romney Wins the First Presidential Debate

Dear Readers,

Did you see the debate last night between Romney and Obama?  Mitt Romney totally won!  He was informed, optimistic, tough, specific when he needed to be and general when he needed to be. Romney was passionate, and in command of the facts.  If I had to use one word to describe Mitt Romney in the debate last night, it would be this one: presidential.

Romney was presiding!  He was leading!  Wherever Romney's going, I want to follow!   

You know, I always get nervous when a politician says, "There are five things we need to do to get the economy moving again." and then starts to list them.  I get nervous because I'm afraid another Rick Perry moment will happen, and they'll forget one of their items.  But Romney never forgot any of his points! 

Obama looked bored, and he was almost always on the defense, and he stuttered and paused too much.  Obama's really just not as good without a teleprompter.

Most of the debate was about the economy, and that's Romney's strong subject, having lived and worked in the private economy most of his life.  Obama, on the other hand, has been a lawyer and a professor and a politician and a community organizer.  He uses phrases like, "make payroll" and "reduce overhead" but really he has no clue what it's like to really make payroll and reduce overhead.

Mitt Romney's going to win this thing, man. I can just feel it.  He's going all the way to the White House.

What a great time to be an American.