Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Now, July.  Next, August.
Hummmmmm, hummmmmmm....
Months transpire, even a month of months transpires,
a month of months have transpired, are transpiring, will transpire!

Hummmmmm, hummmmmmm...
I sit cross-legged beneath the tree of monthly transpiration, 
breathe in months, breathe out months
breathe in months, breathe out months
breathe in months, breathe out "Remember the laundry detergent.
All my socks are smelly."

Bonk.  Ouch!  I hit my head on the bark. 
Ah yes, the tree!  And what a tree it is! 
A tree of months which bears the fruit of... of... more months!

Hear me, O Tree, You whose limbs are loaded
with succulent succulent month fruit,
you who contain June,
you who contain July, 
you who contain August
(and not just this August, 
but all Augusts past, 
all Augusts future!)
Yoo-hoo!  Hello!  Anybody in there?
Rustle, rustle, swish, swish...
Hummmmmm, hummmmmmm....

Hark!  The Tree of Monthly Transpiration Speaketh! 
 "Thanks for sitting beneath me.  You're a pal.  My pal.
Not only are you my pal, you're THE CHOSEN ONE!
For your patience and praise I give you hidden knowledge.
These are the secret words to be written
upon the fleshy tablet of your heart:
Life is a mammoth-sized month-a-thon. 
The leaves on my limbs and the waves in the ocean
and the little birds that fly around 
and sunsets and other stuff like that
are all kind of like months 
because they go swish swish."