Friday, December 31, 2010

The Rest of Your Life

Adults try to relax and watch TV.
They don't get enough rest,
but they're cozy with the slight haze
that sleep-deprivation brings-
it's almost like being drunk.
They fill up their closets
they fill up their trashcans
and they fill up their veins
with merchandise.
They tear down their barns,
and build greater barns.

They're nice enough.

For exercise, the adults walk
their codependent dogs over and over
and they put the food pebbles in the dish
and they put the tap water in the other dish
and they all play fetch
until the dogs drop dead.
And then they get more dogs
and then the new dogs die and
then all the adults die.

And maybe the adults don't go to Heaven
and maybe they don't go to Hell.
Maybe they go to a place with a big TV.

Leaves in General

Leaves are so nice,
they wiggle and waggle and swiffle.
Bunch up, spread out, bunch up, spread out
(that's what swiffling means).

I'm eating nacho-cheese potato chips
in an empty room. Now I scratch myself.

Leaves lie there lazily like laying lavender leaves, softly,
leaves precisely like other leaves!
I inhale the scent of the leaves...
the leafy perfume of leaves intoxicates me...
Today is a wicked elixer with alcoholic leaves in it, literally.
My brain, which, being a sniffer, sniffing, sniffs the leaves,
sniffing in leaf-smelly-drunkeness!


I love the leaves forever...

Acorns probably fall on leaves.
I've seen acorns on leaves.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Merry Christmas

Dear Readers,

Here's a poem I wrote for the Christmas cards my wife and I will be sending out this year.

Dear beloved relatives, family and friends,
Again we address you as another year ends.
We hope you are feeling the Christmastime cheer
That fills up our hearts this blessed time of year.
It seems most fitting to tell you our news,
Some awesome adventures and also our blues.

Ben’s teaching job caused him much grief
But a change in career brought welcome relief.
When once he was miserable, suffering in school
Now he makes movie screens. It’s really cool.
He coats off-white vinyl with silvery paint
Compared to the students, his boss is a saint.

Erin’s vocation changed drastically too
Telling Wells Fargo she was finally through.
Now that she’s free from the walls of the bank,
Chief Executive Mommy is her proper rank.
She’s wholly familiar with many a chore;
Of household civility she maintains the core.

Trudy is cuddly, well-tempered and neat.
Just look at her picture. Isn’t she sweet?
Pomegranates and cheese are her favorite food.
She’ll also eat oatmeal, if it pleases her mood.
Her legs are getting strong; she can already walk
And her mind is a smart one. She’s starting to talk!

With San Tan Valley we’re falling in love.
Our city’s possessed with the peace of a dove.
Maybe we’ll stay until our days of death.
This seems a nice place to draw a last breath,
But wherever life takes us, wherever we roam,
We remember, especially at Christmas, that God is our home.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Dec 4th Pinal County Republican Committee Meeting in Casa Grande, Arizona

Dear Readers,

Last Saturday, on December 4th, I attended a Pinal County Republican Committee Meeting in Casa Grande, Arizona. It was awesome.

I haven’t been super-active as a Precinct Committeeman, but I got a few emails and phone calls saying that this meeting was one of the most important meetings of the year, because an election of officers was taking place, so even though it took me 45 minutes to drive to Casa Grande, I went.

I was kind of hoping there would be some Jerry Springer type of mayhem at the meeting. I like my politics brawling and mudslinging and melodramatic (as long as I’m at a safe-distance). But the meeting turned out to be a clean fight. Most people were celebrating the results of the November 2nd elections. Because in case you haven’t heard, for the first time since statehood, Pinal County is red. Here in Legislative District 23, Frank Pratt and John Fillmore won the state house seats, and Steve Smith won the state senate seat. And Daniel Wahsburn won the Superior Court Judge seat.

I saw some semi-famous political people there- Pinal County Sherrif Paul Babeu, Arizona Republican Leader Guy Randy Pullen, Pinal County Supervisor Bryan Martyn, and the mayor of Maricopa city, whatever his name is.

The most important thing I did was vote for the Pinal County Republican Committee leadership- Chairman, 1st Vice Chairman, 2nd Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. I voted for all the super conservative, tea-party type of candidates. And here are the results, for all who are interested:

ELECTION OF STATUTORY OFFICERS: Election results for County Board 2011-2012 are:

Chairman - Steve Kohut: entrupenuer, venture capitalist, tea-party activist
1st Vice Chairman – Fred MacKenzie: nice old guy who campaigned for Barry Goldwater back in the day.
2nd Vice Chairman – Greg Schuller: radio voice, conservative.
Secretary - Ted Brewster: passionate organizer of the Queen Creek/San Tan Valley Tea Party Rally on April 15th.
Treasurer – John Webster: holds a bachelor’s in finance, an MBA, and he runs several businesses debt-free. He has a lot of guns, too.

I think every single position changed hands. The lesson to be learned here is that the tea-party movement is alive and well and growing.

I’m late for work. Bye.