Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jeff Smith lost! :(

Dear Readers,

Well, Jeff Smith lost.

I'm sad, but I'm not completely surprised. Jeff Flake is the incumbent, he has a lot of name recognition, and he hasn't had any big scandals. There were a lot of people who told me I was crazy for supporting Jeff Smith just because he had no chance. It seemed that those naysayers never talked about the issues or compared and contrasted the candidates or anything, they just said, "Well, Jeff Flake isn't doing too bad, and he's well-known, and Jeff Smith doesn't have enough money or a big enough name." And I got discouraged when I read that Espresso Pundit wrote, "This isn't even a race. Jeff Smith is taking on Jeff Flake. Smith has no money and no chance." Espresso Pundit was echoing the conventional wisdom that an underfunded, honest grassroots tea-party candidate can't beat a career politician.

Gosh, I'm really upset and I need to go to bed.

I just wrote Jeff Smith the following letter:

Jeff Smith,

Sorry to hear the news about your loss. I voted for you, my wife voted for you, I wore a Jeff Smith button when I was out and about, I told my family and friends and co-workers about you, I blogged about you, I put a Jeff Smith bumpersticker on my car, I distributed signs and literature to a few people around San Tan Valley, I put a sign in my yard, I put up a few signs around my neighborhood, I sat in front of the polling place for two hours this morning, I knocked on just a few doors, I left your literature on maybe a hundred doors, I spent about 8 - 10 hours on the phone calling people, I donated 25 bucks to your campaign, and I hosted a Meet and Greet.

And I know that you did a ga-zillion times more than I did. But you still lost. I'm disappointed.

I'm really really bummed right now. I'm afraid for our country. One of the things that upsets me the most is Ben Qualye winning in CD 3. Did the people voting for him look into his record at all? Or were they convinced by all those TV ads his Dad and his Dad's friends bought for him? Another thing that makes me mad is the really really low voter turnout rate- about 20 % I think. Why don't more people care about the direction of our country? I don't get it. But, I think your campaign did some good, and I don't regret helping you get a few more votes. Maybe you could run again in two years, but I'm sure you don't want to think about that now.

Thank you for running. I hope you don't think that all your effort was wasted. You inspired a lot of people, including me, and you added to the public political discourse in a positive way. People need to hear your message of fiscal and social conservatism, and they need to hear what Flake's stances are on illegal immigration and global warming, among other things.

Thanks again for running against Jeff Flake. It's been a pleasure getting to know you and working with you. I think you're a great man and a true patriot. Best of luck to you on your future endeavors.


P.S. I have plenty more commentary on the other Primary election results, like the Governor race and the Senate race and stuff, but I have to go to bed now. For more up-to-the-minute commentary on the election results, refer to pundits who get paid to be pundits. Goodnight.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jeff Smith! Again! Part Two! Returns!

Dear Readers,

I just posted the following at

which is like a local newspaper chat board forum thing. Enjoy.

Yeah, Jeff Smith is awesome. I support him all the way.

I had him over to my house for a Meet and Greet and I interviewed him and tape-recorded it and typed it up and put it on my blog, Telemoonfa Time. If you feel like reading a lot, you can go to

This is sort of a plug for my own blog, but really it would probably be better if you just went to Jeff Smith's website to read about him:

One of my personal favorite parts of Jeff Smith's website was Jeff Smith's point (I think it's in the guiding principles section) that being fiscally conservative and socially conservative are linked closer than a lot of people want to think it is. But campaign season isn't exactly the time to get philosophical about politics. All of us in Congressional District 6 have a practical choice to make on August 24th- are we going to vote for Jeff Smith or Jeff Flake?

Here's a few reasons why I'm voting for Jeff Smith:

1. I like the guy. I've met with him personally on a number of occasions, and he has a great personality. Smith's nice and friendly, but he's not a pushover. I believe once he's a Representative, he'll stand strong against Washington corruption.

2. Jeff Smith is right on all the issues. He'll fight to repeal or dramatically reform Obamacare, he'll oppose government bailouts, and if anyone offers him a bribe, he'll refuse it. I know Flake usually fights against wasteful spending too. But when you're weighing the overall effectiveness of a politician, I think you need to look at not only how they vote, but you need to look at what they actively fight for. Flake has been a good soldier on the earmark front. Flake, or his aides, even spotlight a new egregious earmark each week. It's very cute. And fighting earmarks is great, but earmarks only account for about 1 % of the federal budget, while entitlements like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, account for more than half of the federal budget. So if you really want to fix the federal budget, you need to fix the entitlements. Why hasn't Flake gone after entitlements? Why has Flake chosen to save the earth from global warming through economy-killing cap-and-trade? Why has Flake chosen to work with the ultra-liberal Luis Gutierrez on comprehensive immigration reform a.k.a amnesty?

3. Smith majored in economics in college. Flake majored in political science. I know from experience that the economics and business majors tend to be more conservative and level-headed than the political science majors.

4. Smith has a Master's of Business Administration. Flake doesn't.

5. Smith has experience working for AT&T and Lucent Technologies, competing in the private sector, and he has experience starting his own business- a financial advisory firm. (I bet Congress could benefit from Smith's financial advice) Flake's private sector experience? Um... he doesn't have any. Well, he worked in a public relations firm, which is all about rhetoric and influencing people, and that may technically be "private sector," but it's not "private sector" in the usual sense of the term, like selling phones and hooking up telecommunications networks and stuff, like Jeff Smith did. So, Jeff Flake doesn't have any private sector experience. You know what other prominent politician doesn't have any private sector experience? Barack Obama! And look at how well Obama's turning out!

6. Smith's record is immaculate. I doubt the guy has ever gotten a speeding ticket! Ha ha ha. OK, I really don't know that, but still, the Flake campaign hasn't been able to uncover any scandalous skeletons in Smith's closet yet, and that's because there aren't any.

7. Jeff Smith hasn't lived his life knowing that he wanted to be in politics. Jeff Flake, on the other hand, wrote a essay in 7th grade titled, "My plan to be a powerful politician for forever". And Jeff Flake enjoyed dressed up as a king every Halloween. Ha ha ha. Seriously, I have a mistrust of people who plan on becoming politicians from their childhood. A lot of the great figures like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln didn't plan on making a career out of politics. I think it's clear that Flake has his sights set on becoming a Senator someday. It's like Flake's just waiting in line, paying his dues in the political machine, waiting until Kyl or McCain retire or die. That's not the way American politics should be.

8. I have other reasons, but I have to go now.

And here's a good video for you:



Dear Readers,

Just when I start to lose faith in new bands, a band like Dawes comes along. They’re a refreshing group of young guys from California who play the guitar and the drums and they sing. I just discovered them on the Internet today, and if I wasn’t such a tightwad I would buy their one and only album, North Hills. Someday I’ll buy it. And maybe I’ll see them in concert someday. But I’ve listened to a few of their songs, and all I have to say is, “Wow, they’re awesome.”

In an attempt to describe their sound to you through written form, I would call Dawes indie mellow folk rock. I only throw “indie” in there because they aren’t really well known, but I think they will be better known soon. Talent and passion this great can’t remain in obscurity for too long.

But wait! Before I buy that album, I need to remember the time when I heard “Postcards from Hell” by the Wood Brothers on Pandora Internet Radio, and it had such a good first impression on me that I quickly spent about twenty bucks on their albums, Ways Not To Lose and Loaded. But now those two albums sit in my CD case, and I never feel like listening to them, and I don’t really even like the Wood Brothers anymore. I think it’s the singer that bugs me. I think he’s trying too hard to be all folksy and Southern. Of course, early critics of Bob Dylan probably said he was trying to hard to be someone he wasn’t, but whatever.

Dawes is awesome.


P.S. I think that Dawes is better than 90% of the music you hear on the radio. If I was in charge of a radio station, I would play the music I wanted to play, like Dawes and the Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan until the radio station went out of business because nobody would listen to it anymore. Then I would get bitter at the people who stopped listening to my radio station. I would think I was smarter than them. I would think I had better taste.

But if I had my own radio station, I would play music that was objectively better, from my point of view, than the stuff they play on the radio these days. I would play music that would be good for people to hear, whether they liked it or not. I would impose my superior values and musical tastes on all those tuning in.

Maybe I’m not much different than Judge Vaughn Walker who thinks he knows what’s best for the country. (You know, the Proposition 8 gay marriage in California thing going on.) I still think his ruling was wrong and I hope it gets overturned either by the court of appeals or the Supreme Court, but sometimes it’s good to try to identify with your political opponents.

Gosh, couldn’t I go one blog post without getting political? Oh, I’m a stranger in a strange land. But some of you seem pretty cool. You know, sometime we should get together and sip beverages. We could yak about the weather while avoiding eye contact.

Monday, August 16, 2010

My Sample Ballot for the August 2010 primary

Dear Readers,

The other day I got a very exciting piece of mail- my Republican sample ballot for the August 2010 primary election!

In some cases I’m sure about who I’m going to vote for, but in other cases, I have no clue. I barely understand what some of these positions do. How am I supposed to know who would do the best job? I’m thinking about just leaving some of them blank.

Anyway, here's all my voting opinions for this upcoming primary election day, on Tuesday, August 24th, along with some commentary. The people I'm going to vote for are in bold. If I don't know who I'm going to vote for, I'll put question marks by the office title in italics. Enjoy!

United States Senator

Deakin, Jim
Hayworth, J.D.
McCain, John

I’m voting for J.D. Hayworth. Hayworth helped write the Bush tax cuts while McCain argued against them, and J.D. wrote a whole book on how to stop illegal immigration, and he’s endorsed by Sheriff Joe and Russell Pearce.

Some of you might wonder why I’m not voting for Jim Deakin, since he seems like a tea-party conservative Constitutionalist guy. The answer is simple. I’m not voting for Jim because he has no chance of winning. I’m not really interested in making a statement or being a principled loser, like third party candidates are. I’m interested in supporting conservative electable candidates. The simple fact is, Jim Deakin hasn’t raised enough money, and not enough people know about him. He hasn’t got enough support from big conservative names and groups. And, I feel like in this case, a vote for Jim Deakin is a vote for John McCain.

Some of you might wonder why I’m not voting for John McCain. John McCain limited free speech with the unconstitutional McCain-Feingold bill, he favored amnesty with the McCain-Kennedy immigration bill, he took over a million bucks from a convicted ponzi schemer, and he’s been in politics forever. And McCain has been incredibly cruel to J.D. this whole campaign. McCain shut down J.D. Hayworth’s cool radio show at the beginning of this year, and he’s spent so much money on trash-talking radio and TV commercials maliciously attacking J.D. Hayworth.

J.D. Hayworth is not an angel, but he’s the best option in this race.

U.S. Representative in Congress District 6

Flake, Jeff
Smith, Jeff

I’m voting for Jeff Smith, mostly because… well, if you’ve been reading this blog, you know why. I’m more excited about this race than any other race. Jeff Smith is a candidate that I really like and really believe in, more so than any other candidate. He’s the only candidate I’ve ever donated money to, and that’s a big deal to me, because I’m a frugal and stingy guy. Although there has been no polling done for this race, anecdotal evidence indicates that Jeff Smith has a good chance of winning. I probably know at least 50 people who are going to vote for him. One of the things I love about this race is that there are only two Republicans running, so voters have a very clean, easy choice to make.

In contrast, voters in Congressional District 3 are going to have a difficult time deciding which of the 10 Republicans to vote for. I’d vote for Pamela Gorman there, but then I’d be afraid that that would split the vote between two or more conservative candidates and give Ben Qualye, the son of Dan Qualye, the Republican nomination. If Ben Qualye wins the nomination, I’m going to pull my hair out. Did you hear that Ben Qualye sent out mailers with a picture of his family -- except that his “family” consisted of himself, his newly acquired wife and dog, and some photogenic children that he borrowed for the photo? Ha ha ha! And did you hear that Ben Qualye used to be a scotch-sipping skirt-chasing Scottsdale socialite? Ha ha ha!


Mills, Buz
Brewer, Jan
Jette, Matthew
Martin, Dean

OK, um, I think I’ll vote for Buz Mills even though he suspended his campaign and even though the polls say that Jan Brewer is definitely going to win no matter how any of us vote. But then in the general election I’m going to vote for a Libertarian candidate just to make a principled statement. I like Dean Martin a lot, but he's nerdy. Seriously, on his Facebook page, his one and only favortie movie listed is Star Trek. It already hurts him that he's tubby and pasty and dons spectacles- did he have to announce his nerdiness to the universe by listing that movie? He should have listed a manlier movie like James Bond or The Ten Commandments. Geez, he might as well give a campaign speeches in Klingon! Ha ha ha! No, we don't need a level 14 dungeon and dragons wizard leading Arizona, (I don't care how well he did is calculus class!) we need a rootin'-tootin'-cowboy! We need a guy who shoots guns and lives on a ranch and smokes cigars. We need Buz Mills. But it'd be cool to have a pot-smoking tax evader for our Governor, too, like Barry Hess. Ha ha ha.

State Senator District 23

Byers, Matt
Smith, Steve

This is a really difficult one. I met both of them last night at a Republican candidate Meet and Greet in Apache Junction. I like both of them. They both seem like good young conservative guys who are right on all the issues, but I’m going to vote for Steve Smith.

See, Matt Byers is really tan, and I don’t trust people that are too tan. Ha ha ha. Seriously, though, I think Byers uses way too many crazy analogies and metaphors on his website.

Steve Smith seems more straight-talking and passionate. And he’s really tall. I like tall people. They can see farther, so they can lead better. Plus, Steve Smith has an adorable one-month old baby at home. I have a soft mushy spot in my heart for babies, and whenever I see one or even hear about one, the mushy spot in my heart starts pulsating rapidly. Come to think of it, maybe I should get that checked out.

But then again, I like Matt Byers’ background. He’s had a lot of different blue-collar jobs.

But then I’ve got to remember that Steve Smith is taller. And he has a cute baby. Plus, Steve Smith has been planning on running for two years, so he’s been preparing himself for being a state Senator. Plus, Sheriff Joe, Russell Pearce, Arizona Right to Life and some other conservative people and groups have endorsed him.

But then again, Matt Byers comes into my wife’s work sometimes, and he’s friendly, so he’s got that guy-from-down-the-street appeal going for him.

This is one of those votes that I’m not really really really sure about, but I’m going to vote for Steve Smith.

And I’ll vote for either one of these guys in the general election, because we need to get rid of the current liberal state Senator Rebecca Rios.

State Representative District 23

Fillmore, John
Pratt, Frank

You can vote for two candidates in this race, and these are the only Republicans running, so I’ll vote for both of them.

Secretary of State

Bennett, Ken

I don’t know anything about Ken Bennett, but he’s the only one running, so of course I’ll vote for him.

Attorney General ?????

Thomas, Andrew P.
Horne, Tom

I don’t know much about this race. I know I used to get emails from Tom Horne when I was a teacher. And I know he worked to shut down the La Raza classes in the Tucson Unified School District, and he investigated the Ajo Unified school district for bussing in Mexican nationals to school everyday. So I like that about Tom Horne, but maybe Andrew Thomas is a good guy, too. I don’t know.

State Treasurer

Verschoor, Thayer
Carpenter, Ted
Ducey, Doug
Leff, Barbara

I think I’ll vote for Thayer Verschoor for State Treasurer because the conservative blog Seeing Red AZ endorses Verschoor, and they have some bad things to say about Doug Ducey. I guess Ducey didn’t pay his taxes for a few years or something. Really, I don’t know much about this race.

Superintendent of Public Instruction ?????

Dugan, Margaret
Huppenthal, John
Price, Beth

No idea.

State Mine Inspector

Hart, Joe

Joe Hart is hands down the best State Mine Inspector candidate ever! Ha ha ha. Just kidding. I have no idea. But he’s the only one running.

Corporation Commissioner ?????

Burns, Brenda
Pierce, Gary
Wong, Barry

You get to vote for two. I’m going to vote for Barry Wong and I don’t know who else.

Clerk of the Superior Court

Roche, Chad

He’s the only one running so I’ll vote for him.

Justice of the Peace

Babeu, Shaun
Lusk, Dennis

This is an interesting race. They've both put up a ga-zillion signs all over my neck of the woods. Judge Lusk has been doing the lawyer and judge thing for a long time, and Shaun Babeu is a prison guard who's riding on his brother's coattails. Shaun's brother is the now famous Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu. After briefly talking with Dennis Lusk, and after reading a little bit about this race online, I knew Lusk was the qualified one.

I know right now I'm fond of throwing out incumbents, but I think when it comes to electing a judge, you don't want an inexperienced political outsider; you want someone who can run the court effeciently. Lusk said that if the people were to choose Babeu, the court in Apache Junction would run really really slow, and justice wouldn't be served as well. Plus, I think there might be a conflict of interest with Shaun running the court and his brother being the Sheriff. I think they could work in cahoots to mess with people they don't like. I feel like electing Shaun Babeu would be like starting a local political family dynasty, and I don't like that.

I'm certain about this race. Vote for Dennis Lusk.

Constable ?????

Mcclaren, Jack
Palmer, Merle e.

What the heck does a constable do? I don’t like constables. “Constable” sounds like a title of nobility, and titles of nobilities are unconstitutional! Didn’t we put a stop to all constables and constable-like behavior when we rebelled from Great Britain?!

Judge of the Superior Court Div 1

Washburn, Daniel

He's the only one running.

Judge of the Superior Court Div 4


Judge of the Superior Court Div 7


Judge of the Superior Court Div 8


Are these spots just going to go unfulfilled? Or should I write in a name? Although, I think you can only write in the names of official write-in candidates. I don’t get it. Whatever.

Judge of the Superior Court Div 10

Fuller, Steve

He's the only one running.

OK, that about wraps it up. You don't have to vote like I do, but I hope you do. I think some of my votes are sort of informed, anyway.

Happy Voting!


Friday, August 13, 2010

A Reason to Smile

Dear Readers,

I'm upset about the mosque that will most likely be built at Ground Zero, Obamacare, JD Hayworth's poll numbers, California's Proposition 8 being ruled as unconstitutional, parts of SB 1070 being struck down, lots of stuff I see in the news, my neighbors' apathy toward politics, um...

But I'm happy about babies.


Monday, August 9, 2010

LTTP – Education – Reply!

Dear Readers,

Remember how a long time ago I sent a letter to President Obama about education? Well, after I waited for months, Obama wrote me back! Here’s the email, with my comments in red:


Date Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 4:04 PM
Subject Thank you for your message

Dear Friend:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on education. (You’re welcome)
I appreciate hearing from you. I am committed to
providing the best possible education for our Nation's
students (I’m so glad that you are personally our benevolent provider of education.) because our children deserve it and because, today
more than ever, America's prosperity rests on how well we
educate them.

Across the country, we have many great schools
and dedicated teachers. We should be proud of these
successes, and eager to discover and support what makes
them great. We must also realize that not all children get
the education they deserve, and many schools need urgent
reform to better help our students reach their full potential.

Through the American Recovery and Reinvestment
Act (ARRA) (a.k.a. the Stimulus that conservative pundits, myself included, are always complaining about), my Administration has made a historic
investment toward improving public education and
providing greater access to a complete and competitive
education for every child. (what better way to increase “access to a complete and competitive education” than to spend a million bucks on iPods for kids? It really happened.) This investment will make high-
quality, early learning programs (I bet "early learning programs" means more pre-school, and more programs like Head Start, which will most likely be centers of liberal indoctrination and ineffectual boondoggles.) available to more young
children. ARRA will also help strengthen the teaching
profession by recognizing talented teachers who improve
learning and by encouraging them to stay in the schools
that need them most. We are committed to exploring
innovative approaches that advance teaching and learning
through high standards and expectations for all students,
and developing meaningful assessments. These steps can
ensure our graduates are prepared for success both in their
higher education and careers. (This all sounds great, doesn’t it? It’s hard to disagree with. Don’t we all want higher standards for our youth in school? Don’t we all want to develop meaningful assessments? However, somebody has to bring up the question, is it really the federal government’s role to improve schools? I think education ought to be left up to the states, or to even smaller entities. The Constitution doesn’t mention a word about education. Of course you could argue that in a roundabout way, making laws about education from a federal level could be justified by the elastic clause, the commerce clause, or the equal protection under the law clause in the 14th amendment. Apparently the Constitution establishes the right to have an abortion and gay marriage. Why, I bet you could even have an abortion on your gay marriage wedding day and still be Constitutional!)

A child's education does not begin and end with a
school bell, and responsibility must extend beyond a
school's walls. Our future success depends on a greater
level of engagement between parents, communities, and
schools on behalf of children. (I agree with you there, Mr. President.) We all share the duty to
educate our students, and if we hold them to the highest
standards, they will meet them. Please join me online to
read more at:

Thank you again for writing to me about this
important issue. (You’re welcome. And thanks for writing me back. Really. I mean, I know you didn't personally read my letter, and I know that you sent me a pre-prepared letter on education, and I know that my letters to you will probably have no effect on your policy making choices, but at least in America I still enjoy the formality of getting a response from you. I doubt I would be afforded the same polite treatment were I to write such letters in a totalitarian state to a Supreme Dictator. So again, thank you.)

Barack Obama

To be a part of our agenda for change, visit:


Jokes, part two

Dear Readers,

Here are some jokes that I have in my brain. For the first installment of jokes, click here.


A duck walks into a bar and says to the clerk, “Do you got any grapes?”

The clerk says, “No, we’re a gas station. We only sell gas and sunflower seeds and beef jerky and stuff.”

So the duck left. A minute later, the duck came back in.

“Do you got any grapes?” the duck asked.

“No, dude, we don’t have any grapes. I already told you that,” the clerk said, annoyed.

So the duck left. A minute later, the duck came back in.

“Do you got any grapes?”

“No! No! No! For the last time no! If you ask me one more if we have grapes, I’m gonna nail your duck bill to the floor!”

“Do you got any nails?”

The clerk thought. “Ummm… No.”

“Then do you have any grapes?”


Darth Vader and Obiwan Kenobi were sitting around the Christmas tree. Vader says to Obiwan, “Hey, Obiwan, I know what you got for Christmas!”

Obiwan says, “Really? How?”

“I have felt your presents.”

(presents is kind of like “presence.” If you’re familiar with Star Wars, you should get this joke.)


knock knock

who’s there?



Don’t cry. It’s just a joke.


Knock knock

Who’s there?


Hoo who?

Are you an owl?


Knock knock

Who’s there?

Interrupting cow




Knock knock

Who’s there?

Interrupting sloth


[make slow silent hand motion, reaching toward the other person]


Q: What’s Jeff Flake’s favorite breakfast?

A: Frosted Flakes- they’re sugary sweet on the outside, but on the inside they’re career politicians that sponsor carbon tax and amnesty bills.


Q: What’s Jeff Smith’s favorite breakfast?

A: Wheaties, the breakfast of Champions, because Jeff Smith will be the Champion of Arizona’s 6th Congressional District.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Arizona’s Upcoming Propositions

Dear Readers,

I went to this wonderful article

and I read a lot of the propositions on this November’s ballot, and I researched them a little, and I made up my mind on how I’m going to vote, for most of them anyway. And hey, to save you the hassle of figuring out how to vote, (It takes forever to figure out how to vote; I know. Preserving democracy and liberty is such a chore!) I encourage you to just copy the way I’m going to vote! Ha ha ha! No, no… I kid. I encourage you to be a thoughtful, engaged, informed citizen.

Without further ado, here’s the list of propositions and how I’m going to vote on them:

Prop 106 - Yes.

It adds an amendment to the Arizona Constitution that would make it illegal for people to have to buy health insurance. It sounds like it’s challenging ObamaCare… Hmmm…

Prop 107 - Yes.

It adds an amendment to the Arizona Constitution that ends Affirmative Action policies in Arizona. Affirmative Action was once probably a good idea, like unions, and did much good to end institutional racism in America. But now it’s time for affirmative action to go away. And by the way, state Senator Russell Pearce supports it.

Prop 108 - Yes.

It adds an amendment to the Arizona Constitution that would ensure the right of workers to vote using a secret ballot. If this proposition passes, it will prevent more power from being amassed by unions.

Prop 109 - Yes.

It adds an amendment to the Arizona Constitution that would make things easier on hunting and fishing. Umm… it sounds like it gives more rights to hunters and fishers. I’m not sure what would actually change if this proposition passes. I don’t hunt or fish at all. I never have in my life, but I support the people who do hunt and/or fish. I know those types of guys tend to be conservative, like Ted Nugent. If somebody out there knows that this proposition is a cleverly worded trick by leftist environmentalists, let me know. But right now I’m willing to trust a lot of the things coming out of the Arizona legislature, (this proposition was sponsored by the legislature) because they did the birther bill, the constitutional carry thing, ending La Raza studies, SB 1070… the current Arizona legislature rocks! Of course, it could always get better. That’s why we need to keep electing solid conservatives and keep track of what they’re doing.

Prop 110 - ?

This bill was boring and I didn’t get it after the first sentence so I stopped reading it. I’ll figure it out later.

Prop 111 - ?

I don’t get this one either, and it’s way past my bedtime already, so I’ve really got to move along…

Prop 112 - ?

I don’t know yet. I don’t even get what it’s about.

Prop 203 - No

Now here’s an interesting proposition that’s bound to spur debate! It’s about legalizing marijuana! I’m kind of torn about this issue. Well, maybe I’m not torn… um… 60 % of me wants pot to be kept illegal, and 40 % of me wants it to be legalized. Wait, scratch that. OK, like, 67 % of me wants it to stay illegal, and then whatever the other percent is… well you get what I’m saying. I’ve heard lots of good arguments for legalizing it and lots of good arguments for keeping it illegal. But I’m going to vote no and save my reasoning for another blog post. (And I know that this proposition is purportedly just about medical marijuana, but medical marijuana is just a gateway drug to recreational marijuana. So let’s nip this proposition in the bud and defeat it in November.)

Prop 301 - Yes

This transfers money from a land conservation fund to the general state fund. I’m planning on voting yes on this one because I don’t like conserving land. Ha ha ha. Conserving land usually means prohibiting the private ownership of land. Once the money is in the general fund, it can be used for roads, police officers, and other justifiable uses of tax dollars. Or it can be used to pay off debts. I think one of the first things the state should do with extra money is pay off debts so they don’t have to pay interest.

Prop 302 - Yes

This eliminates the First Things First Program, and maybe some other state funding of early childhood education and health. On a hunch, and a tiny bit of research, I would characterize First Things First as either a boondoggle or as a well-intentioned social program that doesn’t do much good. And in these tough economic times, we need to cut programs like this. Yeah, First Things First should go away, and so should Head Start. In a similar vein, “free” lunches for kids at schools during the summers should be eliminated, and maybe even “free” breakfasts and lunches during the school year should be either eliminated or reformed so that it’s more efficient and less prone to fraud and abuse. And any attempts at mandatory, nation-wide preschool should be squelched. And while I’m at it, I think that the twelfth grade should be eliminated. The kids can learn all the stuff they really need to know in eleven years. And eliminating the twelfth grade would get kids out of the house sooner and get kids in a job or in a college or in the military sooner. Imagine how many tax dollars we would save if America just canceled the twelfth grade forever! And I bet the kids would love it, especially the kids in twelfth grade!

Well, it’s been fun. As always, I encourage you to leave comments that agree with me, or comments that disagree with me, or comments that are totally off the subject. I do read all the comments, even if I don’t take the time to reply to them.

Take care.


Monday, August 2, 2010

Pamela Gorman!

Dear Readers,

Move over Sarah Palin, Telemoonfa’s got a new celebrity crush!

Meet Pamela Gorman! She’s running for the U.S. House of Representatives in District 3 of Arizona!

Pamela is bright, articulate, conservative, good-looking, charming, brave, and on and on and on, and she’s got one of the best political ads of all time, ever!

Ha ha ha! I just love that video! I've watched it and re-watched it a bunch of times.

Here's one of my favorite quotes from the interview at the other end of this link:

"I have a concealed weapons permit, which I’ve had for several years now. I like to say that I’m 5 foot four, but I carry a .45, which makes everything work out in the end. I shoot a glock 36, which I really love. It fits in my hand, and it’s dishwasher safe. It’s what every lady should carry."

And here's another gem from the video at the other end of this link:

“If this [the cap and trade bill] should pass, it would be the most freedom-damning policy that we’ve seen in recent history. And I mean 'damn' in a Biblical sense, so it’s not a cuss word.”

How refreshing it is to have a politician who cares about using polite language, unlike our Potty-Mouths in Chief, Barack Obama and Joe Biden!

Watch her speak and look at her record and you’ll see that she is really really awesome.

So if any of you folks out in Congressional District 3 in Arizona are reading this, then I hope you vote for Pamela Gorman.


Jeff Smith's Response to Judge Bolton's SB 1070 Decision

Dear Readers,

Jeff Smith has issued the following statement regarding
Judge Susan Bolton’s decision on SB 1070:

“I am extremely disappointed by Judge Bolton’s decision. This has all the appearances of an activist judge allowing a personal bias to influence what should be an impartial decision.

I support SB 1070 for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that sanctuary city policies put our police in the impossible position of not being allowed to fulfill their oath to uphold the constitution and enforce the law. SB 1070 removes this restriction, and removes the conflict inherent in sanctuary city policies.

The judge’s argument seems to be that since there is some chance a legal person could be incorrectly suspected of being illegal, the police must be prohibited from inquiring in all cases, even if they have reasonable suspicion. This is an impossibly high standard that we don’t hold the police to when it comes to any other crime. All of us live every day with some amount of risk, however small, that the police will make a mistake and we will be incorrectly suspected of having committed a crime. And yet, we still allow - even expect - the police to pursue and investigate if they have reasonable suspicion that someone has committed a crime. If the police were held to the same standard of certainty regarding other crimes that the judge is holding them to with regards to this law, our police would almost never be able to pursue any suspect!

I am pleased to see our governor appealing the decision and anxiously await the outcome of the actual court case. Regardless of what happens, I expect this case to be appealed to the 9th circuit, and ultimately, the U.S. Supreme Court. I believe we have the legal high ground and that the law will ultimately be upheld. Furthermore, this case is important because it is about more than just eliminating sanctuary city policies in Arizona - it is about fundamental states’ rights. It’s about time a state stood up to the Federal Government!”

Jeff Smith
July 30, 2010

Contrast that brilliant response to Jeff Flakes' remarks on SB 1070. Flake said that SB 1070 was dumb.

Seriously, when I read Flake's comments about SB 1070, I sense Flake's entrenched Washington D.C. ego coming through. Flake thinks that a puny little state like Arizona has no chance against the strong arm of the federal government. In the case of U.S. v AZ, Flake is clearly on U.S.'s side.

I also find it interesting that Flake wants the current Congress and White House to pass comprehensive immigration reform. The current Congress is so liberal and backward that they passed Obamacare. I wouldn't trust any immigration reform bill that came out of this Congress. I think it would be better to wait until after Obama is gone. On second thought, maybe we don't need to create any new federal immigration laws. Maybe we should just enforce the ones we already have.

Probably the most telling information about Jeff Flake's views on illegal immigration is the fact that in 2007, Flake co-sponsored an amnesty bill with pretty much the most liberal liberal of all the liberal liberals, Luis Guitierrez. Now, in case you don't know, Luis is the fine gentlemen who got himself arrested at a pro-illegal-immigration rally recently. I ask you, do we really want to keep Jeff Flake around, if he's in cahoots with a Congressman who touts his teenage-like arrest as a badge of honor? Getting arrested might beef up his street-cred, and I'm sure it appeals to Guitierrez's youthful Chicago base, who are fond of "stickin' it to the man," but to the level-headed voters of Arizona's East Valley, Gutierrez's behavior was childish and unbecoming of a statesman. I don't know about you, but I wouldnt feel comfortable co-sponsoring anything with Luis Guitierrez, not even a bill that everyone could agree on, like a Resoultion Promulgating the Goodness of Ice-Cream.

Voters of Congressional District 6 (Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Apache Junction, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, etc.) should keep in mind that Sherrif Joe Arpaio and state Senator Russell Pearce, two of the guys actually fighting the good fight against illegal immigration, have chosen to give their weighty endorsements to Jeff Smith rather than to Jeff Flake.

Vote for Jeff Smith on August 24th!